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3D scanning of sheet metal parts_3D inspection of sheet metal parts

3D scanning of sheet metal parts

Sheet metal parts are products manufactured by sheet metal technology. Sheet metal parts can be used everywhere in life, and the application range is more and more extensive. However, the design of sheet metal parts is an important part of the product development process. Customers use 3D scanning technology to scan and produce the sheet metal parts to obtain data, so that the design sheet metal parts can not only meet the product function and appearance requirements, but also be simple to manufacture and low cost.

Practical problems

The customer needs to be able to complete the scan in a short period of time, and the scanned data has high accuracy, because the design of sheet metal parts should ensure simple stamping, easy production, high quality, and stable size.

Scanning scene of sheet metal parts

Compared with the traditional scanning method, the new scanning device has better scanning effect.Traditional scanning has limitations and can only be used for projects that do not have high requirements and low accuracy requirements.

Scanning scene of sheet metal parts

Holon solutions

According to the conversation with customers, the solution adopted is to use our hand-held 3D scanner HOLON751. The scanner is easy to carry and easy to use, and the automatic registration of landmarks and scanning software developed independently have super high scanning accuracy and work efficiency.

On-site scan of sheet metal parts

Sheet metal parts STL data diagram

Engineers used HOLON751 to quickly and comprehensively obtain high-precision data of sheet metal parts, handheld style, easy to scan and capture from different angles, and the scanning speed is fast, the data acquisition accuracy is high, and the use stability is also strong. For processing, you can export the data in the format required by the customer, or perform a comparative analysis of the data and the original digital model to obtain the report.


Sheet metal parts STL data diagram

The customer was very satisfied with the three-dimensional data,The data can play a significant role in the design improvement in the later stage, so they have a great recognition of our equipment

Sheet metal parts STL data diagram

Sheet metal parts STL data diagram

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