​Superscan II
​Superscan II
Automated three-dimensional scanning system
The automated three-dimensional online inspection system obtains the product's profile data through optical non-contact scanning with a laser sensor, and transmits the real-time data to the processing unit. Through the decision-making of the processing unit, the control unit is adjusted to achieve online adjustments to optimize the results. Therefore, three-dimensional online inspection can also easily realize the screening of defective products and the sorting of product types. It is like adding a pair of eyes to the production line and robotic arm, improving product production efficiency and qualification rate.
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Product features
Safe operation performance
Safe operation performance
  • Human-machine collaborative robot, no need for guardrails, easy and convenient to operate.
Assembly line batch fully automatic inspection
Assembly line batch fully automatic inspection
  • Fully automatic three-dimensional online inspection of robots can complete batch full-automatic inspection by programming the same workpiece.
Safe operation performance
Safe operation performance
  • Human-machine collaborative robot, no need for guardrails, easy and convenient to operate
High-precision data
High-precision data
  • Accuracy up to 0.01mm, strong ability to resist environmental interference
Specification parameters
ModelSuperscan II
Scanning modeNon-contact three-dimensional scanning ( photographic three-dimensional scanning )
Projection, grating technologyMicrostructure light projection and extrapolation multi-frequency phase shift technology
Calibration TechniqueLoop coding calibration ( 13 steps )
Single scan range ( mm )Independent mode400×300
Regulatory mode200×150
Single measurement accuracy ( mm )±0.01
Single-sided scanning time ( s )<5,<3
Splicing methodAutomatic intelligent splicing, manual feature splicing
Scannable object range ( mm )30~1500
Average sampling point distance ( mm )0.06-0.47
Industrial three-dimensional photogrammetry ( Accuracy )Support industrial three-dimensional photogrammetry splicing project coordinate point file import
IndustrycameraResolution ( pixels )1.31 million pixels
Camera angle ( degree )18 degrees, 27 degrees, 32.5 degrees
Industrial lens ( mm )8, 12, 16, 25, 35 depending on the model configuration
Calibration unitMetal / Glass / Granite
Industrial operation tableMobile tripod / professional workbench / heavy operating frame
Data output formatASC,STL,PLY, IGES
Operating systemWindows xp / windows7 / windows10 32-bit / 64-bit Chinese / English
Light source, energy ( W )Standard 100 W halogen LED, 50 W high-energy LED ( White ) ; high-energy lamp ( HPL ) 250 W halogen lamp
Calibration boardSquare granite material calibration plate
Working temperature, power supply0~40℃、100~240V AC
Examining reportThe equipment accuracy test report and calibration version accuracy test report issued by the metrology quality inspection institute
Camera platform360 degree free adjustment platform before and after
ScanisterSystem Size ( mm )440x140x120
System weight ( kg )2.5

Full-scale 3D inspection
3D scanning obtains complete point cloud data of the workpiece, making full-scale inspection possible