Large scene 3D scanner
The large-scene 3D scanner (HL1000) emits laser pulses from its laser emitter. When the laser wave hits an object, the laser scanner calculates the distance to the object. The laser scanner continuously emits laser pulse waves that hit the high-speed rotating mirror, emitting the laser pulse waves in all directions to form a 2D area scan, quickly reconstructing the 3D model of the measured target and various graphical data such as lines, surfaces, and volumes.
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Specification parameters
Laser typePulse
Laser levelClass 丨 EN60825-1
Ranging range1200m 90% reflectivity, 600m 18% reflectivity

Scan speed

Maximum speed36000 points/second
Average speed±50mm
Single measurement accuracy(mm)Point±1.2mm 50m distance
Field of View AngleHorizontal directionMaximum 360° angle
Vertical directionMaximum 100° angle
Scanning methodContinuous rotation scanning and swing scanning
Data storage capacity32GB SD card
Instrument position10~4000
Operating temperature0℃~40℃
Storage temperature-25℃~+65℃
PhotosensitiveOperates well in bright sunlight and complete darkness
Dust / Waterproof RatingIP54

Large scene 3D scanner