Photographic 3D scanner
The camera-type 3D scanner (α7000) adopts the world's new coding calibration technology, which is the core mastery and application of 3D photogrammetry technology. It reduces physical distortion and improves the scanning accuracy of original 3D data. Heterodyne multi-frequency phase-shifting grating technology is used to improve the quality of scanning point clouds. Synchronized with the German gom company, it truly has a blue light device scanning system, and the photo-type 3D scanner scans data point spacing up to 0.01mm, which is suitable for scanning fine workpieces; it adopts a new core design concept and applies carbon fiber materials to improve the stability of the product during operation. .
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Specification parameters
Applicable fieldsComplete automobiles and parts, molds, large castings, aircraft parts, ships, large blades, engineering machinery, etc. Reverse engineering, three-dimensional inspection
Scan modeNon-contact three-dimensional scanning ( photographic three-dimensional scanning )
Projection, grating technologyMicrostructured light projection, extrapolation method multi-frequency phase shifting technology
Calibrating practiceLoop coding calibration ( 13 steps )

Single scan range(mm)

Independent mode800×600
Adjust mode200×150,400×300,1200×900
Single measurement accuracy(mm)±0.01
Single-sided scanning time(s)<5,<3
Splicing methodAutomatic intelligent splicing, manual feature splicing
Scannable object range(mm)100~15000
Average sampling point distance(mm)0.15-0.97
Industrial three-dimensional photogrammetry(precision)

Support industrial three-dimensional photogrammetry splicing engineering coordinate point file import ( ≤ ± 0.04mm / 4m )

Industry cameraResolution(pixels)131 million pixels
Camera angle(degree)18 degrees, 27 degrees, and 32.5 degrees
Industrial lens(mm)8,12,16,25,35 according to model selection
Calibration unitGranite/Carbon Fiber
Industrial operation tableHeavy operating frame
Equipment rackMilitary carbon fiber material workbench
Data output formatASC,STL,PLY,IGES
Operating systemWindows xp / Windows 7 / Windows 10 32-bit / 64-bit Chinese / English
Light source, energy(W)Standard 100 W halogen LED, 50 W high-energy LED ( White ) ; high-energy lamp ( HPL ) 250 W halogen lamp
Calibration boardSquare granite material calibration plate
Working temperature, power supply-10℃~50℃、100~240V AC
Scanning deviceDevice Size(mm)360×150×125
Device weight(kg)3.0